Carl Nelson's Bio-Sketch


seventeen years as Carl Nelson Consulting helping companies propose SBIR

sole decider of 10,000 SBIR proposals at Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (Star Wars, now MDA) and one cycle for the DARPA Technology Reinvestment Program (A Clinton Defense Conversion initiative that proved temporary)

induced $80M of matching private capital investment for SBIR projects

"invested" $300M of your tax money in 700 SBIR companies

37 years in Department of Defense, mostly R&D, after degrees in Chemical Engineering (Rensselaer Poly), years of rocket science

SBIR videos directed and produced, with one Telly Award

Ten Zillion Public Presentations

Testimony on SBIR before House Science Committee, June 1999

High-Tech Start-Ups: If Government's the Answer, What's the Question?, paper at SPIE Int'l Symposium of Voice, Video, and Data Communications, Dallas, Nov 97, SPIE Paper 3234-02

"Yes, Small Companies Can Commercialize Photonics", paper at SPIE Photonics West, San Jose, CA, Feb 97

"Strategic Partners", talk at National SBIR Conference, Crystal City, VA, Oct 1996

"Photon Capital: A Subsidy for Photonic Entrepreneurs", paper at IEEE Int'l Conf on Applications of Photonic Technology, Montreal, Aug 1996, to be published in Applications of Photonic Technology, Vol 2 GA Lampropoulos; RA Lessard, eds, Plenum Publishing;

"Wavelength Division Mini-Money: Small Subsidies for Small Business", paper at SPIE International Conference - Photonics West, San Jose, CA, Jan 1996;

Videos: 1993 Telly Award Finalist: A High Tech Dawn in the Southwest, (40 min); Her Window of Opportunity, 1994, (12 min); BMDO SBIR, (40 min) 1992; BMDO SBIR, animated (25 min), 1991; all produced by GMG International, Reston, VA.

"Commercialization: A Small Success", paper presented at ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (Paper 95-WA/AES-7), San Francisco, November 1995

Presentation at Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, March 1996; at Oregon Metals Initiative Conference, Portland, OR, Nov 1995; at National Conferences of National Business Incubator Association and Association of University Related Research Parks, Scottsdale, AZ, June 1995;  at Symposium on Physics in the Workplace, American Institute of Physics annual meeting, San Jose, CA, March 1995;  at Silicon Valley Space and Defense Consortium Technology Partnering Workshop, Santa Clara, CA, August 1994; at Executive Forum, Optical Society of America, Baltimore, MD, May 1993; at SAE Aerospace Atlantic Conference and Exposition, Dayton, OH, April 1992;

BMDO's SBIR, 40+ presentations at National SBIR Conferences, 1986-1995 in Washington, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, Seattle, and Phoenix;

"Missile Program Takes Aim at Technological Growth", Mechanical Engineering March 1996;

Panel on commercializing high technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, August 1995;
panel on Photonics and the Internet, Montreal, 1996

"From Free Money to Free Market", paper at International Association on the Management of Technology Conference, Birmingham, UK, July 1995 (published Intl J of Technology Management,12,7(1996));

"Science to Market", speech at American Vacuum Society, Pasadena, CA, Sep 1993

Testimony on SBIR Reauthorization, House Small Business Committee, subcommittee on Procurement, Tourism, and Rural Development, November 1991;

"Analysis of a Gas Generator", with DE Kooker, Technical Report BRL-TR-2648, at American Defense Preparedness Association Symposium, Orlando, FL, October 1984, and JANNAF Propulsion Meeting, San Diego, CA, April 1985;

1971-1984: 28 government technical reports on combustion and propulsion, 8 open literature articles, 45 US presentations, 6 international conference presentations

Speeches with meals
Bloomsburg, Grand Forks, Harrisburg, Martinsburg, Milwaukee, Montgomery, and Tysons Corner.

Other SBIR Presentations
Baltimore, Boston, Columbus, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Evanston, Houston, Huntsville, Los Angeles, Madison, Milwaukee, New Haven, Ocean City, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Tampa, and Washington.

Coached small company execs how to talk on video
Albuquerque, Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Bedford, Blaine, Boulder, Cambridge, Cedarville, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Danbury, Dayton, Durham, East Hartford, Hawthorne, Houston, Lancaster, Newark, New Haven, Orem, Pacoima, Palo Alto, Provo, Redondo Beach, Rolla, Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, Somerville, Taunton, Torrance, and Tucson.


helping small high-tech companies get from idea to market