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Federal Government  SBA's SBIR site run by NSF (SBIR's inventor)

NASA's SBIR Page  stuff from NASA

sample NIH SBIR proposals  

SBIR Awards by DOD  see what DOD has already funded

SBIR Awards for all government, nearly two years behind

Manufacturing Extension Partnership  help for smallish  manufacturers, always subject to Republican assassination

In-Q-Tel   CIA's VC "Investing in Intrigue"

FirstGov  a place to start looking for something governmental

SCORE  geezers advise small business

Federal Lab Consortium find a federal friend

NASA Commercial Technology Net

How to Get A Patent  Patent Office

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance a unified portal to find and apply for federal government grants. and provide information aboutn R&D results from specific grants, and a consortium of federal agencies provides R&D summaries  .

Open Government Initiative read the offical explanations for stuff the government does public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Quasi and State Government

National Technology Transfer Center  tech transfer 


Worcester Poly Venture Forum

Ben Franklin Partnerships Southeast Pennsylvania

Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance

Tech Council of Maryland

Virginia Center for Innovative Technology

High-Tech Rochester  the snowy Xerox/Kodak city

Tennessee Center for Industrial Services

Not Government

SBIR Gateway, conferences and lots of other info

Small Business Technology Coalition  lobbying Congress for SBIR

Innovation Development Institute  database of SBIR winners, lobbying Congress, SBIR's strongest advocate, endless SBIR info, membership required

Strategic Marketing Innovations help with earmarks and schmoozing Congress

Peter Witts CPA expert in government contracts

Dawnbreaker commercialization advice

SSTI     state S&T info; has weekly e-mail summary

MIT Entrepreneurship

WEB PATENT NEWS - by Robert M. Hunter, Registered Patent Agent, has news about patents

Procurement law Dave Metzger,  legal architect of original SBIR

Getting and Managing Employees: Insperity

IdeaCafe small business idea factory

WESTorg  women entrepreneurs in S&T

TechWeb  a business technology network

Yet2Com  matching tech to need

World Future Society  go ahead, make a guess

Francis Crick Institure  veddy British medical research essays

Inc. magazine guides  small business help

A NASA Proposal  found on the web

Business Week small biz -->

National Inventor Fraud Center 

Patent Cafe    Pantros IP  online patent search

National Business Incubation Assoc

Center for Emerging Technologies  St Louis area

Startup Journal  by The Wall Street Journal

Catalyst Connection   Pennsylvania manufacturing

Grant Professionals Association, that matches entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors., let both prospective mentors and entrepreneurs in need of assistance build online profiles and find each other ...

The Entrepreneurs' Organization ( offers mentoring in groups and one on one, but is geared toward entrepreneurs who generate more than $1 million in annual revenue. ... also lets you post messages seeking mentors in geographic areas., offers a searchable database of comprehensive information about biotechnology and pharmaceutical contract service providers and related university programs.

Companies who feed on SBIR  [You got an idea? They got connections.]

Foster-Miller   by far the most SBIRs, now ineligible as a subsidiary of a foreign biggie

Accurate Automation    Bend Research     Brimrose      Charles River Analytics     CSA Cybernet      EIC Labs      HYPRES      IAP    Lynntech      Mainstream Engrg  MER    Metrolaser      Mission Research      NVE       Physical Optics              Physical Sciences       Radiation Monitoring      Scientific Systems      Spire     SRL       SRS Tech      Technology Service      TPL       Ultramet  

Proposal Help

(some of the competition)

SBIR Proposal Writing Software  Jade Research 

Greenwood Consulting  teaching SBIR proposing and advice


Roger Cohen  full proposal services, including NIH (he says)

Biotechnology Business Consultants, LLC

Venture Money 

The Egg Factory  a technically savvy VC

Right Hand Partners  mating dances with partners

Business Finance  13,000 ways to finance a business

vfinance  online tools and premium services

Venture Associates  Corporate Services to New and Emerging
Growth Companies

Capital Connection  lots of links

1776 Challenge Cup, a prize competition for scalable startups/p>

Go Big Guide to Venture Capital, a network of venture and angel investors, holds meetings between entrepreneurs and investors, charging for the get-togethers and for prepping entrepreneurs in the art of presenting their stories to venture and angel groups. 

On-Line Assets., from New York's Angelsoft LLC, offers an online venue where entrepreneurs and investors can meet and get to know each other. ... online community of entrepreneurs offers reviews of more than 5,000 venture-capital investors, rating them on such criteria as track record and deal terms. The site's more than 12,000 members can also share the documents that spell out their venture deals and discuss how to find investors and run a business. ...

VisionMine a website that large corporations use to discover, evaluate and implement innovations from startups and early-stage companies. 

Blogs - modern gossip columns

The Top 50 science blogs  by popularity.

helping small high-tech companies get from idea to market